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  1. On the console, search for "VM". Click CREATE INSTANCE

    Picture 1073741824

  2. Provide the below information:

    1. Name: docker-compose

    2. Region: us-west-1

    3. Zone: us-west-1a

    4. Machine family: Select the below option according to the CMS Deployment Type

      1. Large: e2-standard-16 (16vcpu, 64Gb Memory)

      2. Small: e2-standard-8 (8vcpu, 32Gb Memory)

    5. Service Accounts: Compute Engine Default service account

    6. Access Scopes: Allow full access to all cloud APIs

    Picture 31

  3. Click CHANGE under Boot disk


    1. Provide the required information. Click SELECT

      Picture 29

  4. Select Service Account and the option Allow full access to all Cloud APIs. Click CREATE to create a new VM

    Picture 28

  5. The newly created VM is listed

    Picture 27


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