The Dashboard is the home page displayed when a user logs into CMS. The panel has tiles and widgets that show real-time snapshots of the secured applications, detected threats and attacks along with various trends. The dashboard is configurable for each user.

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  1. Recent notifications count is displayed on the top of the screen as a bell icon. A click on this icon displays both the System Notifications and Recent Incidents. A click navigates the user to the specific page. An option to mark all the notifications as read is also provided

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  2. The dashboard displays Attack, Threat and Incident counts since the last login as well as their numbers for previous configurable duration in hours

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  3. The number of incidents is always the same as the total number of notifications, threats and attacks

  4. A click on any count on the tile will display the incidents page with relevant incidents listed

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  5. The time frame for which the statistics of the dashboard should match is also configurable

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  6. A click on any count depicted in this part of the dashboard displays a list of all the incidents adding up to the count