Probes page provides a holistic view of an Application Instance on which VSP Probe is installed. All the required information related to a Probe is displayed in a single place.

  1. Navigate to Probes under Deploy

    Picture 1049

  2. All the Probe instance are listed with information regarding Attacks, Threats, Status, Version, Monitoring Mode and Application Count are displayed

    Picture 1050



    • It may take 6-7 minutes for the probe status (Connected or Disconnected) to be reflected on CMS

    • The probe instances are moved to the Archived list if they are in disconnected state for 12 hours. Once the probe re-connects, it is removed from the Archived list automatically


  3. A click on a particular host displays more information about it

    Picture 2050

    1. The fields Probe First Installed and Probe Last Installed are populated for VSP Probe versions 2.6.x and above

  4. Toggle between Host Monitoring and Application Details to view the required information

    Picture 2056

  5. A click on Attacks or Threats count will list all the detected Attacks/Threats in a separate tab

  6. A search option to filter the Probes based on the name is provided

  7. To view the Archived Nodes, select the below option

    Picture 2049

  8. Select the required columns to be displayed on the page using Columns link

    Picture 2059

  9. To export the information displayed on the page:

    1. Select the required Probes

      Picture 2060

    2. Click Export and the required option

      Picture 2063

    3. Click Yes, export selected on the confirmation screen

      Picture 2066

    4. The information is downloaded as a Microsoft Excel file to the local system

  10. To modify the information related to a probe, click Edit

    Picture 696

    1. Modify the Host Name and Location as required. Refer Section Deploy Overview for more information about Location. Click SAVE

      Picture 697