1. Log in to the Master Node

  2. If the CMS is running already, stop it using the steps below

    1. Log in to the Artifactory site using Virsec-provided credentials from the local machine 

    2. Navigate to the directory vsp > releases > public > 2 > 2.10 > <Patch_Version> > Helm

    3. Right-click on the file vsp_cleanup_cms.sh, listed on the page and download it to the local system

    4. Log in to the Management Node

    5. Copy and execute the downloaded file vsp_cleanup_cms.sh

  3. To switch the Kafka mode, start the CMS instance using the helm upgrade command and the below options:

    1. Secure Kafka Options: The options are available for Kafka are:

      1: For One-way SSL where the Client verifies the server

      2: For Two-way SSL where both the Client and Server verify each other. By default, the value is set to 2 if not specified

      1. Sample Usage: The example below depicts One-way SSL configuration:

        helm upgrade vsp-cms ./cms-<RELEASE_VERSION>.tgz --set cloudProvider=eks --set kafka.secureKafkaMode="1" --namespace virsec