VSP CMS is installed as a Load Balancer service.This section describes the process of setting up the VSP Infrastructure Pods:

  1. Picture 4

    On the Management Node, create the below directory for the files related to CMS

    1. cd /home/virsec



    2. mkdir -p vsp/cms



    3. cd vsp/cms



  2. Execute the below commands to download the file vsp_get_yaml.sh

    1. wget http://<LFR_IPAddress>/vsp/vsp_download_files.sh





    2. chmod +x ./vsp_download_files.sh



  3. To configure the build scripts for a specific environment, execute the below commands:

    1. ./vsp_download_files.sh



  4. VSP CMS can be deployed in any one of the below configurations.Refer to the Installation Checklist for system specifications

    1. Single-Pod: All the CMS service containers are deployed in a single pod

    2. Multi-Pod: CMS services are grouped and deployed across multiple-pods

    3. Service-per-Pod: Other than the CMS core services, all services are deployed individually in separate pods