1. On the Host Monitoring page, click the below icon for a host profile

    Picture 1073742198

  2. The pop-up window displays the associated hosts

  3. Click Associate

    Picture 1073742157

  4. Hosts with the same OS type and status Registered are listed for association. Select the required hosts. Click ASSOCIATE

    Picture 1073742156

  5. Click YES on the confirmation screen

    Picture 1073742153

  6. By Default, after association, the hosts are in Disabled mode

  7. For more information on Protect and Detect modes, refer to VSP Host Monitoring Modes 

  8. The listed hosts can be filtered based on the search parameters: Instance Id, Monitoring Mode (Detect, Disabled OR Protect), Last downloaded Time (between From and To Timestamps) and Hosts out of Sync (True or False)

    Picture 1073742151

  9. To disassociate hosts, select all the required hosts. Click Disassociate

    Picture 1073742150

  10. Click YES on the confirmation screen

    Picture 1073742148