To create a protection profile, follow the below steps:



If protection action is not desired, proceed with steps in Add Protection Profile page

  1. Navigate to Protection Engine > Action Catalog in the left navigation pane

    Picture 2053

  2. Select the appropriate Action type:

    1. Host - For Library and Process Monitoring

    2. Application – For other vulnerabilities


    Picture 2061

  4. Provide the below information:

    1. Name – Name of the profile

    2. A sample action for Vulnerability Type Host is depicted below

      Picture 2062

    3. A sample action for Vulnerability Type Application is depicted below

      Picture 288

    4. A sample action for Vulnerability Type Web is depicted below

      Picture 102

    5. Operating System Platform – Select Windows or Linux

    6. Vulnerability Type – Host or Application, based on the selected tab in Action Catalog page (Read-only)

    7. Vulnerability – Select the appropriate vulnerability from the dropdown

    8. Log File Path – Complete Directory path (along with the file name) where the log file of the script must be created. Previously provided paths are provided in the dropdown

    9. Script Path – Complete Directory path where the protection action script is located along with the file name. Previously provided paths are provided in the dropdown. 

    10. Action Parameters – Parameters for the script. Select all the parameters from the list by clicking each one in the expected order by the script

  5. Click SAVE

  6. The created action will be listed on the Actions page