1. To end Maintenance Mode, click MAINTENANCE


  2. There are two options to end Maintenance Mode. Select the appropriate option:

    1. Stop

      1. This indicates that the Maintenance is complete and initiates scan on all the hosts in Maintenance mode. This is indicated by the below icon


      2. Click on the icon to view more information on the various stages and status of the initiated scan

      3. The status on the host is indicates that a scan is in progress


      4. Once the scan is complete, the allowlist is published and all the newly installed processes/libraries are auto-allowlisted

      5. Only the ones with the file reputation “Threat” are not allowlisted and reported as incidents


      6. The profile is published to all the hosts automatically

      7. Click YES on the confirmation screen

    2. Cancel

      1. This cancels the Maintenance Mode and a scan is not initiated on the hosts

      2. Click YES on the confirmation screen

  3. The original Protection Mode is enabled on the respective hosts

  4. Process/library search can be performed based on the maintenance window