Memory Exploit Protection provides protection against the below exploits or vulnerabilities:

  1. Windows:

    1. Reflective DLL Injection (Reported as Process Injection Incident)

    2. Process Hollowing

    3. PE (Portable Executable) Injection (Reported as Process Injection Incident)

    4. Process Doppelgänging

    5. PowerShell Exploit (Reported as Process Injection Incident)

    6. Atom Bombing

    7. Thread Local Storage (Reported as Process Hollowing Incident)

    8. Thread Execution Hijack

    9. Credential API Hooking

  2. Linux:

    1. DirtyCoW (Copy on Write)

    2. tmp-fs exploit

    3. DirtyPipe

Refer to the Compatibility Matrix for more information about the Operating System compatibility