Ensure that the vulnerability “Protocol Enforcement” is in the Application during Process creation. If it is not selected, the configured parameters are not enforced by  VSP-Web (on Web Server) on the requests. Refer VSP-Web (on Web Server) Workflow Section for more information

  1. Navigate to the tab HTTP Profile

    Picture 554

  2. Define constraints on the HTTP protocol elements described in the table below:




    Allowed HTTP Versions

    All the allowed HTTP version numbers. Example: HTTP/0.9, HTTP/1

    Allowed HTTP Methods

    All the allowed HTTP Methods. Example: POST, GET, PUT

    Allowed Content Types

    All the allowed Content Type value

    Forbidden File Extension

    Forbidden file extensions during File Upload. Example: .tmp, .exe

    Max Parameters

    Maximum number of parameters allowed in both URL and request body

    Max Parameter Name Length

    Maximum length for any parameter name in URL and request body (in bytes)

    Max Parameter Value Length

    Maximum length for any parameter value in URL and request body (in bytes)

    Max Upload Files

    Maximum number of file uploads allowed per HTTP request

    Max Upload File Size

    Maximum size of file uploads allowed per HTTP request (in bytes)

    Table – HTTP Profile Parameters


  3. The Profile can be enabled or disabled

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  4. Click SAVE

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