1. Navigate to Reports > Scheduled Reports in the left navigation pane


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  3. Provide the required information

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    1. Report Name: Name of the Report. Ensure that the name does not have any special characters. Only “-“ [hyphen] and “_” [underscore] are allowed

    2. Report Type: Select one of the four types of reports from the drop-down

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      1. Suspended Processes: Report provides information about the Protection Actions carried out by VSP during Host Monitoring

      2. Summary Report: Overall summary of the VSP provisioned applications, attacks and threats detected by VSP. It does not provide information on Host Monitoring attacks/threats

      3. Web Attacks: Report provides information exclusively on web attacks ONLY

      4. Host Monitoring: Report provides information exclusively on Host Monitoring ONLY

    3. Application(s): Select all the required applications from the drop-down list

    4. Report Period: Time Duration to be considered for the Report generation. Example: Last 10 Day(s)

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    5. Max # of Reports to keep: Define the maximum number of previously generated reports (same scheduled report) to be maintained by CMS. The previous ones will be archived

    6. Schedule Status: Activate or de-activate the Scheduled Report using the toggle button. It provides the ability to create a Scheduled Report but activate it when required

    7. Schedule Information: Select the report frequency and provide other information

      1. Hourly – Select the Start time for report generation in minutes past the hour and the time zone (drop-down)

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      2. Daily – Provide the Start Date, Start time, Time zone (drop-down), repetition information

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      3. Weekly – Select the Start time, Time zone (drop-down), frequency and day(s) of the week information

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      4. Monthly – Select the Start time, Time zone (drop-down) and day of the month information

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      5. Once Only – Select the Start Date, Start time and Time zone (drop-down)

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  4. Click SCHEDULE

  5. The created Scheduled Report is listed on the Scheduled Reports page

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