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  1. In the MobaXterm Software, navigate to Tools > MobaKeyGen


  2. Click Generate

    Picture 24

  3. Private and public SSH keys are generated after some time

    Picture 23

  4. Provide a valid name in the key comment. Save both the public and private keys in the local machine These keys are utilized for authentication into the machines

    Picture 22

  5. Copy the saved public key. On the Google VM Instances Console, modify the instance as described below:

    1. Select the newly created instance

      Picture 18

    2. Click EDIT

      Picture 16

  6. In the Network Tags, provide the Firewall tag created in Section Firewall Creation for VM . This ensures that the required ports are accessible to the machines

    Picture 13

  7. Click Add Item and provide the copied public key into the two VMs. Save the provided information

    Picture 12

  8. Copy the Key value from the SSH-key generator pop-up window. Provide the copied value to SSH-keys. Click SAVE



    To enable custom ports for network security, click Networking and add the inbound port rule so that the VM allows inbound traffic for specified ports.

    On the MobaXterm window navigate to Tools > MobaKeyGen if the SSH Key Generator window is closed. Click Load and browse the local system location of the saved private key.

    The public key is displayed once the loading is complete.


    Picture 10

  9. Open a new session once the information is saved

    Picture 9

  10. Provide the public IP Address, username and your private key

    1. For the public IP Address, provide IP Address from VM Instances console

      Picture 8

    2. For the private key, browse the local system location of the saved private key

      Picture 6

  11. If all the SSH options are configured correctly, log in to the VM is successful

    Picture 3


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