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  1. Create a new Virtual Server with an additional drive or add a new drive after creation

    1. Add a new drive at VM creation

      Picture 27

    2. Provide the required values. Click Create


    3. The newly created drive is now listed


  2. Log in into the VM and execute the command below to find the additional drive:

    1. fdisk -l


      Picture 28

    2. Partition the disk using the command:

      1. fdisk /dev/vdb



      2. Use option ‘n’ to create the partition

      3. Use ‘w’ command to save

      4. Use the commands depicted in the screenshot below:

        Picture 29

      5. Press “Enter” to choose default values on sectors

  3. Execute the command below to check the mounted disk:

    1. lsblk



  4. Modify the file system to ext4 using the command:

    1. mkfs -t ext4 /dev/vdb1



  5. Rename var directory using the command:

    1. mv /var /var2


      Picture 18

  6. Create a new directory for var using the command:

    1. mkdir /var


      Picture 10

  7. Mount created partition with /var using the command:

    1. mount /dev/vdb1 /var



    2. Verification: Execute the command:

      1. df -h


  8. Move files from the backup directory to /var directory:

    1. mv /var2/* /var/



    2. Ignore the above error since temporary files cannot be removed

  9. Create a fstab entry to make this change permanent:

    1. Open the file /etc/fstab


    2. Add the entry below and save the file


      /dev1/vdb1 /var ext4 defaults 0 0



    3. Reboot the VM to verify the changes


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