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A super admin can add information related to Syslog server on VSP CMS as described below

  1. Enter the URL https://<CMS _IPAddress> in any browser

  2. Enter a valid user name and password. Click Login

  3. Navigate to Configurations under Settings in the left navigation pane

        Picture 357

  1. Expand Syslog Server Settings

  2. Click Enable Forwarding

  3. Update the information about Syslog server

    1. Host Name

    2. IP Address

    3. Protocol

    4. Port

    5. Log Data Format – Select from the dropdown list

      1. Common Event Format (CEF – Fixed Key Definition)

      2. Common Event Format (CEF)

    6. Log Filter

  4. Click TEST SETTINGS to test the configuration

Picture 381

  1. Click SAVE