1. Check iae-nodejs statistics in the file:


    1. A non-zero App Alive message counter indicates that VSP-Web Node.js is up and running

    2. If the counter is zero, verify that “App Alive attempt failed” counter is increasing while the application is being accessed. If it increases, then the vIPC component is rejecting the app-alive message. Check the status of the VSP-services using VSP-cli utility

    3. If App Alive message counter is increasing, the CMS configuration is not being received correctly. Check the component iae-assist

  2. If the statistics file is not present, check the log file mentioned in Section File Location and Configuration. It can be one of the below reasons:

    1. If the log file is not created, verify for any permission errors in the application or server logs

      1. For permission errors, utilize VSP-CLI utility to update the log file path OR update the path in the file /opt/virsec/iae_nodejs/config/logger.yml

    2. If permission errors are not logged, perform the below steps:

      1. Verify whether the application startup script contains a require ('/opt/virsec/iae_nodejs') entry. If this entry exists, it indicates that instrumentation is enabled

      2. If it does not exist, then verify if the correct file path exists for the application start-up script and if write permissions are present for the file

      3. Check the web-assist log file <appcontextname.log> for any errors

    3. Check the file /var/virsec/log/iae_nodejs/iae-nodejs.logs for the below errors:

      1. Error in iae-assist for job config with the message "IAERR_2.3 Failed to retrieve IAEAssist JobConfig with return status"

      2. Error in lpc encode library at opening channel with the message "IAERR_4.2 vIPC Client(encode) Channel is failed to open with return status as"

    4. Check the node process by executing the command:

      ps -ef | grep node



    5. Check for any error in file /var/virsec/log/iae_nodejs/iae-nodejs.log

    6. If virsec arguments are present but the log file is not created, reach out to the Virsec team