If there are errors related to starting the VSP-watchdog service, parallel instances of the VSP probe may be running. To confirm the actual cause, follow the below steps:

  1. Linux:

    1. Execute the below command to determine if there are VSP services running:

      1. ps aux –forest



    2. If the services are running, execute the below commands:

      1. [sudo] pkill -9 vsp-manager



      2. [sudo] pkill -9 vsp-watchdog



      3. [sudo] pkill -9 vIPC-server



      4. [sudo] pkill -9 hmm



    3. Kill any other VSP service using the same command

  2. Windows:

    1. Access the Task Manager to determine if VSP services are running

      1. If the services are running, stop them using the Task Manager

  3. After ensuring that all VSP services are stopped:

    1. Delete the file: $VSP_VAR_HOME/vsp_state/vsp_process.pkl

    2. Restart all VSP services