1. Select the Library Auto Allowlisting option. This enables the automatic allowlisting of Safe only libraries OR all libraries OR none of the libraries depending on the selected drop-down

    Picture 1073741991

  2. Select the required processes

    Picture 1073742224

  3. Associated Libraries


    1. Click the Allowlisted Libraries entry and select all the required libraries, click Close

      Picture 1073741989

    2. Alternatively, select the appropriate Library Monitoring Option

      Picture 361

  4. The changed process is indicated as depicted below:

    Picture 1073741850

  5. Click the required ALLOWLIST option

    Picture 1073741854

  6. Click YES on the confirmation screen

    Picture 1073742068


    Once the allowlist is edited, the changes are NOT published to the hosts immediately. Modifications are in draft state and MUST be published as described below


  7. Publish/Discard the changes using the appropriate option. During the process of publishing, options of edit, delete, protection mode change or host association/disassociation are disabled

    Picture 306


    The library monitoring option is enabled for all the processes unless explicitly disabled on CMS

    For the processes that get automatically updated, ensure that library monitoring is switched off to reduce the noise or incidents generated by them. A few examples of such processes are: taskeng.exe, googleupdate.exe, wmiprvse.exe