The Email Server configuration can be completed during the unlock CMS process (Refer to the CMS Onboarding Section in the topic VSP_Installation for more information). However, there is an option to add/modify the server as described below:

  1. Navigate to Configurations under Settings in the left navigation pane

    Picture 1073741842

  2. Expand Email Server Settings


Two types of Smail Servers can be configured:

  1. Internal Email Server – This is a Virsec provided Server

    1. Select the Using Internal Email Server tab

    2. Provide the Sender Email address and Sender Name

      Picture 44

    3. Provide a test Email Address and click TEST SETTINGS to test the information validity

    4. Click SAVE

  2. External Email Server – Configure an existing Email Server with VSP

    1. Select the Using External Email Server tab

    2. Authenticated and non-authenticated options are available. Hence, the password field is optional

    3. Provide the required information

      Picture 45

    4. Provide a test Email Address and click TEST SETTINGS to test the information validity

    5. Click SAVE

  3. To modify the Email Notifications Settings, navigate to Settings > Notifications

    Picture 31

  4. Click Edit

    Picture 68

  5. The below Emails are sent by CMS currently:

    1. User Registration: These Emails cannot be disabled

      1. Mails sent to individual users upon registration or when they receive an invite from Super Admin AND for password resets

      2. Mails sent to Super admins upon new user registration or password reset scenarios

        Picture 1026

    2. Application Provisioning: Alerts sent to the configured users (of each Application) during provisioning or un-provisioning. These alerts can be disabled if required

      Picture 1036

  6. Click Save Settings after modifications