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  1. Click on Profile by expanding the user name displayed at the top right of the CMS page

    Picture 2052

  2. User profile information related to the logged in user is displayed as below:

    Picture 18


  4. Modify the information as required (First Name, Last Name and Phone Number). Click SAVE

    Picture 13

  5. Refer Monitoring section for information about System Alert Settings

  6. Select the tab Incident Email Subscription and click Edit to configure Email alerts for incidents System Alert Settings

    Picture 151

  7. Provide the below information

    1. Email Subscription Status – Enable or Disable as required

    2. Severity – Select Attack and/or Threat

    3. Application(s) – Select all the required Applications from the dropdown

    4. Host(s) – Select all the required Hosts from the dropdown

    5. Category – Select all the required categories – Web Attacks, Fileless Attacks, File Integrity Failures

    6. Type(s) – Select all the required incident types

    7. Digest – Select the frequency of the Email alert

      Picture 103

  8. Click SAVE


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