1. Navigate to Provisioning under Applications in the left navigation pane

  2. Applications are listed along with the number of attacks, threats and incidents associated with them

    Picture 11

  3. Search can be performed based on the names of the Application, Service OR Process

  4. Expand an Application to view more information:

    1. Details – Generic information about an Application is provided

      Picture 1073742296

    2. Services – Information related to the associated Services and their Processes is provided

      Picture 1073742294

    3. Progress – Information related to the associated instances, status, configured vulnerabilities and the completion (in percentage) is provided. In case of an error(s), the information about the error is displayed

      Picture 1050

  5. Applications exist in one of the two provisioning status values:


    Application Provisioning Status

    Color Code





    Table - Provisioning Status


  6. Click the Attack, Threat OR Incident link to navigate to the Incidents page that displays the incidents associated with the Application

    Picture 1073742278

  7. For Applications with Containers or Kubernetes Pod instances, once the Installation of VSP Agent is completed on that instance, the configuration is locked. This is depicted by the below icon

    Picture 1073742301

  8. Once the configuration is locked, it cannot be deleted. Modification is allowed only for certain fields



      This lock is applicable only for Container and Pod based Applications


  9. Click Start to secure a specific application instance. VSP monitoring begins on that Instance. This is applicable for VMs only

    Picture 1073742299


    Auto-provisioning can be enabled by providing the service tag at the time of Probe Installation


  10. For Pods and Containers, the provisioning is initially automated. Subsequent stop and start actions are allowed

  11. Click YES on the confirmation pop-up

    Picture 1073742298

  12. The progress of securing each server is displayed through a progress bar

    Picture 1073742297

  13. The information on the page gets refreshed automatically

  14. Click Stop to stop provisioning of a specific application instance. This is applicable for VMs only

    Picture 107374227

  15. Click YES on the confirmation pop-up

    Picture 1073742271



Once an Application is provisioned, VSP may report File events (Refer Page File Events) as a file integrity check is carried out with VirusTotal during Provisioning