On Management Node:

  1. Using the below command, verify that the deployed containers are running:

    1. kubectl get pods --namespace <NAMESPACE>



  2. Refer Section Troubleshooting to attach to a running container and view more information



  1. Log in to CMS UI

  2. Navigate to Applications > Provisioning in the left navigation pane

    1. The application is now locked and the instance shows 100% in Progress tab

      Picture 32

  3. Navigate to Monitor > Home in the left navigation pane

    1. Application is in Normal state

      Picture 12

  4. Verify VSP Host is running on CMS:

    1. Navigate to Host Security > Host Monitoring in the left navigation pane

    2. On the listed profile that matches the name of the application deployment, select the below icon

      Picture 10

    3. Verify that the newly-launched VSP-protected application container is listed and has a blue symbol (denoting the application instance is healthy and running)

      Picture 4