1. Application Deployment Folder 

    1. Log in to the Virtual Machine where Jetty is installed 

    2. Utilize the below path as Application Deployment Folder 


    3. Example: D:\jetty-Server-9.4.42\webapps

  2. Startup Script File Path - Jetty is executed as a jar 

    1. Create a startup-script file in the  %JETTY_HOME% directory

    2. Provide the required command in the newly created file

    3. Example:

      1. Create a file start_jetty.bat with the below command:

        java -jar D:\jetty-Server-9.4.42\start.jar




    4. Provide the path of this file as the Startup Script File Path in CMS

      1. Example: D:\jetty-Server-9.4.42\start_jetty.bat