vIPC-Server is responsible for handling all the communication between VSP services through shared memory.


The vIPC Framework enables inter-process communication among all the VSP services via the VSP-vIPC client libraries. The vIPC-Server log provides information regarding the VSP services that have started. By default, the vIPC Framework enables statistics that are largely helpful in determining any vIPC errors.


This section covers some common errors encountered.


  1. Review the vIPC-Server log to determine if the vIPC-Server received the initialization attempt by the VSP component

  2. If it is received, the vIPC-server logs any errors faced during the initialization phase

  3. If it is not received, the error has occurred in the upstream components



  1. Each vIPC-Client library is capable of logging its own statistics in the VSP stats directory - /vspstats (Linux) and R:\\vspstats (Windows)

  2. The statistics can be enabled via the VSP component that is using the vIPC client library

  3. It provides information about the error, the number of successful messages sent and received