Through this method, the latest vsp-cbc:2.5.0 image to integrate the deployment of VSP components in the CD phase and set up the Application Pod.

  1. The required SKU fragment file vsp_sidecar_frag.yaml can be downloaded from LFR: http://<LFR_IP>/vsp/vsp_sidecar/vsp_sidecar_frag.yaml

  2. Execute the below command:

    1. docker run -it --rm -v <Base_Yaml_Directory>/:/kustom-base -v <Metadata_csv_AbsoluteFilePath>:/input.csv -v <SidecarYamlFragment_AbsoluteFilePath>:/kustom-base/vsp_sidecar_frag.yaml -e IMAGE_PULL_SECRET=<Customer_Image_Pull_Secret_Name> artifacts.virsec.work/virsec/vsp-cd:2.5.0


    2. The command performs the below actions:

      1. docker run -it –rm

        --rm removes the container (if it exists) automatically

      2. -v <Base_Yaml_Directory>/:/kustom-base

        Mounts the current working directory into the container. Ensure that this directory contains the files: base yamls, csv and vsp_sidecar_frag.yaml. Specify the absolute directory path only

      3. -v <Metadata_csv_AbsoluteFilePath>:/input.csv

        Mounts the metadata/template csv file for deployment. Specify the absolute directory path only

      4. -v <SidecarYamlFragment_AbsoluteFilePath>:/kustom-base/vsp_sidecar_frag.yaml

        Mounts the file vsp_sidecar_frag.yaml

      5. -e IMAGE_PULL_SECRET=app-regcred

        (Optional) Use this parameter if additional imagePullSecret is required in final yaml file

      6. artifacts.virsec.work/virsec/vsp-cd:2.5.0

        VSP-CD container image

  3. Optional environment variables can be provided with the above command. Ensure that the -e options are provided before the parameter VSP-CD Container image:

    1. -e VUID=<UID>

      If a specific user ID should be utilized to perform CD operation

    2. -e GUID=<GID>

      If a specific group ID should be utilized to perform CD operation


      If an extra imagePullSecret is required



Make sure all the files (Base yaml, metadata_csv and vsp_sidecar_frag.yaml) belong to or be accessible by the owner of the base directory