Once an instance is associated with an application, follow the below steps to secure the instance

  1. Navigate to Manage > Web > Application Provisioning in the left navigation pane

    Picture 9

  2. Expand the required application and navigate to the tab Progress

    Picture 1073741986

  3. Click the play button to secure the instance

    Picture 1073741999

  4. Click Yes on the confirmation screen

    Picture 1073741996

  5. The progress can be tracked on the page

    Picture 1073741997

  6. Follow the below steps for .NET Core to add any processes name for the “out-of-process” mode:

    1. Modify the file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Virsec\config\IaeDotNetProfiler.cfg and add the required process names to the Interested Processes list as depicted below


  7. Once the provisioning/un-provisioning process is complete, ensure that the Application Instance is restarted

    1. Windows 2016, 2019 and above: For .NET applications deployed on IIS Version 10+, the applications are automatically restarted by VSP once the provisioning/un-provisioning process is complete. Ensure that this downtime is considered before provisioning/un-provisioning action