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  1. Access the AWS Dashboard: https://console.aws.amazon.com/ec2 using valid credentials

  2. Navigate to EC2 > Instances > Launch an instance. Provide an appropriate Name

    Picture 2

  3. Under the Quick Start tab, select Ubuntu

    Picture 1

  4. Select Instance type as required for CMS. Example: t2.medium 

    Picture 3

  5. Select the Number of instances as 3

    Picture 4

  6. Click Create new key pair if required for authentication credentials

    Picture 6

  7. Configure the Storage information as required

    Picture 7

  8. Click Launch instance

    Picture 8

  9. Modify the Security Group for existing machines as below

    Picture 9

  10. Click on the Security Group ID and modify the inbound rule as depicted below:

    Picture 10

    Picture 11



    Public IP may change every time. If it is not possible to log in to the machines, change the Source to MYIP and try to log in 


  11. Log in to all the three EC2 machines and install the required software to provision Kubernetes Clusters

    1. Modify the hostname for all the three machines:

      1. hostnamectl set-hostname <hostname>



        Picture 13


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