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Follow the below steps to install Virsec App in Splunk

  1. Virsec App is added to the Splunk App Store. Download the file virsec-security-platform-threat-dashboard_100.tgz from the URL: https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/4143/

  2. Click Find More Apps

    Picture 12

  3. Navigate to Apps > Manage Apps

    Picture 13

  4. Click Install App from File

    Picture 14

  5. Upload the file virsec-security-platform-threat-dashboard_100.tgz from the local system. Click Upload

    Picture 15

  6. Click Restart Now to restart the splunk server

    Picture 16

  7. Click OK on the confirmation pop-up message

  8. Click OK to display the login page

  9. Log in to Splunk again with valid credentials

  10. Navigate to Apps > Splunk for Virsec

    Picture 18

  11. The below page is displayed

    Picture 19

  12. Navigate to Settings > Data Inputs

    Picture 20

  13. ‎Click HTTP Event Collector

    Picture 21

  14. Click Global Settings

    Picture 22

  15. Ensure that Enable SLL is unchecked. Click Save

    Picture 23


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