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  1. Password can be set during Probe Installation. Refer Probe Installation (Windows 2008 and above/Windows 2003) for more information

    1. Starting VSP Service using services.msc but stopping is not allowed

    2. Starting/stopping VSP services using sc command is not allowed


  2. VSP-CLI has three options for password management. Use the below command for more information

    1. vsp-cli -h




  3. The options are: 

    1. check-password: returns true when the password is configured and false when the password is not configured for VSP-CLI during Probe Installation 

    2. reset-password: To reset the password using the current password OR the reset token (generated during Probe Installation)

    3. set-password: To set the password (if not set already)

  4. Password is required to modify or stop services, but not required to start any VSP service

  5. When the below options are used with VSP-CLI, user is prompted for the password (if it is set already)

    1. vsp-cli edit-service (edit)



    2. vsp-cli update-service



    3. vsp-cli config (edit, add and restore)



    4. vsp-cli reinit-cms





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