Application Discovery is a component of the installed VSP probe. It scans the Application Instances after installation and at regular intervals (Default duration - weekly) to discover the web applications hosted on them. Once the web applications are discovered, appropriate Applications are created on CMS with the discovered information. This section provides information about the pre-requisites and working of Application Discovery. In cases where manual application creation is desired, refer to Section Application Creation in CMS 



  1. Application Discovery can discover applications on both Linux and Windows VMs that can be provisioned as per the VSP Compatibility Matrix

  2. For Java-based applications:

    1. Cluster/Domain mode is not supported for application servers listed below:

      1. JBoss

      2. WildFly

      3. Glassfish

      4. WebLogic

      5. WebSphere



    Refrain from using auto-instrumentation with WebSphere. Opt for manual instrumentation.
    Refer WebSphere manual instrumentation sections (Windows / Linux) for more information


  3. Java Application servers configured as services may not be discovered 




The pre-requisites are:

  1. (Not applicable for .NET and .NET Core) The application process is running during Application Discovery scan