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The pre-installation phase involves all  configurational and environmental readiness steps to be executed prior to VSP installation. Virsec provides all the necessary installation files to get the environment ready for  installation of various VSP components.




The pre-requisites for VSP installation are:

  1. Kubernetes Setup – Access to Management Node

  2. Master and Worker nodes must be in Ready status. Execute the below command on Management Node to verify the status:

    1. kubectl get nodes



      Picture 22





Virsec provides the below user credentials through a Welcome Email:


S. No Component Information Provided
1 Artifactory user name and password
2 Virsec Pods: LFR, Sidecar Container, vRule Engine, Ngnix, Redis virsec user login credentials

Table – User Credentials




If the environment needs to be set up from scratch, follow the instructions in the topics listed below.Else, proceed with the LFR installation:

  1. EC2 Setup – EC2 Installation Manual

  2. EKS Setup – EKS Installation Manual



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