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Only the required LFR files can be downloaded for an incremental refresh. This enables the user to download only the necessary files, instead of refreshing the entire LFR. Execute the steps below to download: 

  1. Execute the commands below: 

    1. sudo bash


    2. cd /var/cms


    3. ./update_lfr.sh -h



    4. Example: ./update_lfr.sh -O "rpm" -V "7,8" -S "host" 

      When prompted, provide the Artifactory username and password.

      1. -C: Update all the CMS files. Once the script execution is complete, ensure that the script setup.sh is also executed

        Example: ./update_lfr.sh -C -r releases/public/2.8.0


      2. -O: Specify the required Operating System (comma separated without spaces)

      3. -V: Provide the version numbers for the specified Operating System (comma separated without spaces)

      4. -S: Provide the required SKU. Allowed values are web, host, mem. By default, files related to all SKUs are downloaded

      5. -r: VSP Release Version. Example: 2.8.0

  2. Once this script is executed, LFR has the latest downloaded files

    1. A new directory https://<VM_IP_Address>:8443/vsp/backup is created in the root directory with a backup of the replaced files


    2. The file changelog.txt under the directory vsp has the log of the refreshed files



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