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Once the OVA file with the above minimum configuration is procured, follow the steps below to deploy the virtual Machine via VMware vSphere / vCenter Server

  1. Log in to the VMware vSphere Web Client and navigate to the tab VMs 

  2. Navigate to Actions and click Deploy OVF Template

    picture 1

  3. On the new window, click Browse and select the required OVA file from the local system. Click Next

    picture 2

  4. Provide the Virtual Machine Name and select the location for VM deployment. Click Next

    Picture 10

  5. Select the resource to be utilized for VM deployment. Click Next

    Picture 16

  6. Review the package information that consists of advanced configuration options. Click Next to accept them

    Picture 18

  7. Select the required storage location from the datastore list. Select Thin Provision and click Next

    Picture 19

  8. Select the required destination network from the dropdown list for each source network. Click Next

    Picture 20

  9. Review the configuration data and click Finish

    Picture 23

  10. The system imports and deploys the OVA file. Once the import is complete, click Refresh to update the system. It is listed in the center pane. Select the VM and click Power On

    Picture 24

  11. Once the VM is powered on, click Launch Web Console icon to open the VM in a new window

  12. Once logged in, change the IP Address of the VM (if required)


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