VSP-Manager monitors its resource usage to ensure that the VSP processes do not overuse a customer machine’s resources. The CPU and Memory Usage are monitored on both Linux and Windows VMs. If the maximum limit is crossed, the Probe is stopped.

  1. The resource utilization is monitored after the configured time interval elapses

  2. Modify the time frequency (Usage Sampling Time) between each check using the below command:

    1. vsp-cli config vsp-manager edit usageCheckRate <time_in_seconds> --persist




  3. If the utilization exceeds for a configured threshold, the utilization is monitored again after the time frequency. The maximum number of times the utilization is allowed to exceed the threshold (Usage Sampling Rate) can be configured:

    1. vsp-cli config vsp-manager edit usageThreshold <Maximum_Allowed_Attempts> --persist




  4. Once this count is reached, the VSP Probe is stopped and its status is Disconnected in CMS

  5. The configurations can be set dynamically at runtime

  6. If the values are set to zero (0), the monitoring is turned off

  7. The default values are:

    1. Time frequency – 60 seconds

    2. Consecutive attempts with utilization exceeding - 3

    3. By default, the values are NOT configured at VSP process level