Ensure that the UTC time on both CMS and Probe servers are in sync


  1. On the Host Monitoring page, click the below icon for a host profile 

    image 637

  2. The pop-up window displays the associated hosts. Select the required hosts 

  3. Click Maintenance and select Start Selected (Number of Hosts). Maintenance can be started on any host irrespective of the Monitoring Mode (Protect, Detect OR Disabled)

    image 638

    1. Click YES on the pop-up window to confirm the action


  4. Once the maintenance window is active, it is represented as below:

    1. For the host, the Maintenance State shows Active

    2. The Monitoring Mode is greyed out as the host(s) is no longer monitored

    3. The Maintenance button is highlighted

    4. On the Host Monitoring page, the below icon is visible at the profile level

  5. The configured Monitoring Mode is active on the hosts that are not under maintenance

  6. During the Maintenance mode, Protection mode (Protect, Detect, Disabled) change is allowed. But this will take effect only after the maintenance mode ends