Deploy OVF Template on ESXi
  • 19 Mar 2024
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Deploy OVF Template on ESXi

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About this Article
This article provides steps to deploy OVF Template on ESXi.

Deploy the OVF template as described below:

  1. Download Virsec-provided OVA file 
  2. Log in to the VMware vSphere Web Client and navigate to the tab VMs > Actions
  3. Click Deploy OVF TemplateDeployOVFTemplate1
  4. Step 1: In the new window, browse to select the Virsec-provided OVA file. Click NEXTDeployOVFTemplate2
  5. Step 2: Provide VM Name and specify the location of VM deployment. Click NEXT DeployOVFTemplate3
  6. Step 3: Select the required resource to deploy the VM. Click NEXT DeployOVFTemplate4
  7. Step 4: Review the Package information (advanced configuration options). Click NEXT to accept the optionsDeployOVFTemplate5
  8. Step 5: Select the desired storage location from the list of datastores. Select Thin Provision. Click NEXT DeployOVFTemplate6
  9. Step 6: Select Destination Network from the dropdown for each source network. Click NEXT DeployOVFTemplate7
  10. Step 7: Review the configuration data. Click FINISHDeployOVFTemplate8
  11. The OVF file is imported and deployed. Once completed, click Refresh to update the system. The newly deployed VM is visible in the center pane. Select the VM and click Power OnDeployOVFTemplate9
  12. Once the VM is powered on, click Launch Web Console to open the VM in a new window
  13. After a successful login, allocate four IP addresses
    1. Setup the primary interface with a total of 4 IP addresses
    2. Modify the file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-<interfacename> as depicted below to have 4 IP addressesDeployOVFTemplate10
  14. Final configuration (sample) is depicted belowDeployOVFTemplate11

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