Release Notes 2.11 LA
  • 02 Nov 2023
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Release Notes 2.11 LA

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What's new in 2.11?

Compatibility Enhancements:

  1. VSP now provides Web Protection support to .NET 5, .NET 6 and .NET 7
  2. VSP now supports Host and Memory Exploit Protection on RHEL 9

Refer to the Compatibility Guide for more information

Web Enhancements:

  1. Enhancements to the way reflected and stored XSS attacks are detected by VSP. Through these improvements to the algorithm that identifies and blocks specific malicious payloads, VSP distinguishes between attacks and threats more accurately
  2. All discovered applications are displayed in CMS irrespective of compatibility with VSP. This ensures that the user has visibility to all the applications deployed with Probe

Host Enhancements:

  1. Host Protection now covers ACP enforcement on scripts and commands run from within Windows interpreters like PowerShell and command prompt
  2. Publisher and Package functionality has the below enhancements:
    1. UI changes in CMS to provide user with relevant information
    2. If a Publisher/Package is present in the Global list, it is not visible in the Profile-level list, but is applicable across all profiles. This is done to optimize the list

CMS Enhancements:

  1. Incidents can now be filtered to include/exclude specific hosts. Click here for more information 
  2. Applied filters on Incidents page can now be saved and utilized as required. Click here for more information

Platform Enhancements:

  1. Single MSI now supports all Operating systems from Windows 2008 - Windows 2022. Click here for more information regarding MSI-based installation


Defect IDDescription
HMM-9944Exclusions to be added for CPM functionality
SUPP-884Improved handling of .NET application processes protection with VSP MEP
Improved handling of buffer-less stream for Outlook Web Application protected with VSP-Web
Username field is not populated in some incidents related to Host Monitoring
User and Parent Process ACP rules are also enforced for file-based ACP rules
SUPP-981Document Update: Compatibility for Hypervisor infrastructure clarified
VSP Probe service fails on Windows 2008 server during installation

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