Release Notes 3.0.0 RC5
  • 02 Jul 2024
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Release Notes 3.0.0 RC5

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What's new in 3.0.0?

Web Enhancement:

  1. Exception addition in case of Web Protection incidents can be now performed at a granular level defining custom conditions. Click here for more information

Host Enhancements:

  1. Users can now define Global Allowlists using APIs where executables can be allowlisted across profiles. Click here for more information
  2. Host Protection now utilizes kernel cache to store executables and optimize the Host Detection and Protection response time. Click here to configure the associated parameters

CMS Enhancements:

  1. CMS as SaaS Instance - CMS is now provided as a SaaS instance. This removes the requirements of an On-prem infrastructure for it
    1. Installation, upgrade and migration processes are taken care by the Virsec team
    2. If CMS is migrated from 2.x On-Prem to 3.x SaaS instance, Probe instances also need an upgrade to 3.x. They can be deployed in two configurations:
      1. Without Proxy Server
      2. With Proxy Server
    3. New in RC5: SaaS CMS instance now supports 1000 associated Probe instances
      VSP SaaS CMS 3.x is compatible with VSP Probe 3.x
  2. Information about all the available APIs are now provided in CMS. They can also be accessed from CMS itself. Click here for more information 
  3. The incidents page is modified to make the available fields more easily readable by the user

Platform Enhancements:

  1. Single MSI now supports all Operating systems from Windows 2008 - Windows 2022. A single MSI supports both 32-bit and 64-bit configuration on Windows 2003. Click here for more information regarding MSI-based installation
  2. CPM (Centralized Probe Management) API provides an option to manage Probe (Installation, Upgrade, View logs, execute VSP-CLI commands, Service - start/stop probe instances) through API. Migrate API is also included to aid CMS migration from On-prem to SaaS instance. For Click here for more information

Fixes in RC5

Defect IDDescription


Webhook configuration on CMS does not accept nested JSON
File Inclusion Profile displays incorrect column header
"Old File Path" variable required for File Rename custom action is not listed in the catalogue
Windows probe wrapper script corrupts hosts file when trailing newline is not present

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