Release Notes 2.10
  • 27 Oct 2023
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Release Notes 2.10

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What's new in 2.10?

Web Enhancements:

  1. Auto-provisioning feature of application servers configured as services is now supported. This eliminates the manual addition of JVM options on the Probe
  2. Any reference to "Virsec" is removed from URLs outside the firewall to minimize the information exposed to a malicious user

Host Enhancements:

  1. During Host Profile creation in VMs, reference host field is no longer needed. Instead, the Operating System – Windows/Linux – must be selected during this phase. As a result of removing reference host, when any host is associated with the profile, a discovery scan is initiated on it and the scan results are reported to CMS for allowlisting. Prior to 2.10, only files found from reference host were reported to CMS for allowlisting
  2. Library and Script Monitoring incidents now contain the reputation of the library/script and not the reputation of the associated process

Memory Enhancements:

  1. The exploit EWI (Extra Windows Injection) is now supported


  1. Pristine Host Mode for onboarding executable allow listing capabilities are not supported starting 2.10. Users can still use "Auto-Allowlist Unknown From Discovery Scan" from the host profile for the same outcome. Pristine mode options from probe installer will be removed in subsequent releases


Defect IDDescription
SUPP-848The script ./ fails during V2.7.1 upgrade
SUPP-899Parent Process name is missing from Incident Attributes
SUPP-929CMS incidents are missing in exported incidents
SUPP-931Export of filtered CMS Incident is exporting all the CMS Incidents instead of the filtered one
SUPP-950Incidents are received when the auto-allowlist option is enabled for the options unknown from scan, safe, new publishers and packages

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